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26 sep. 2017

Klikfan Nieuwsflits - Donkeymails update 26-09-2017

Hello, After a week we finaly have a new update.

First the good part, it seems all to get working soon again as the transfer is finaly almost finished!

Last process : Processing transfer
We're waiting for approval from the sending registrar, which can take up to 7 days.

So we hope to get donkeymails up soon again. And ofcourse we get some great specials to make up the long downtime!

When we are back crazy extra will come !
Extra ads, Higher earnings, Special Upgrade Promotions and many more!
And this not will last 1 but total 3 months of specials are comming up!

So stay Tuned. And we let you know when we have new info!

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